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Corporate law is a vast area of practice. To clarify, Corporate Lawyers give advice to Company directors, officers & shareholders. Only the Best Corporate Law Firm gives all in all advice about company formation, day-to-day governance, and compliance. Empower Legal: Corporate Law firm | Company Lawyers 24/7 is one of the Top Corporate Legal offices in India. Contact the Best Corporate Lawyer.


It is a must for corporate lawyers to be true generalists. With this in mind, Their advice affects diverse matters. Board conduct, shareholders agreement, voting rights, and so on to point out. These are some of the matters a corporate lawyer guides you on. By all means, Empower Legal: Corporate Law firm | Company Lawyers 24/7 is one of the Top Law firms in India.

Moratorium orders under Section 14 IBC bar parallel process on debtor companies: SC
IBC Lawyers in Chennai

Corporate Lawyers in Chennai

Empower Legal: Corporate Law firm | Company Lawyers 24/7 in Chennai ensure the legality of all your commercial deals in the long run. In fact, they are good knowledge of statutory law & regulations passed by govt. Moreover, Top Lawyers help the clients to achieve their goals within the legal areas.

Tax, contract & bankruptcy law

In business deal structuring lawyers consider all aspects of tax, contract & bankruptcy law for the most part. Our Corporate lawyers are good at working with teams. Meanwhile, We are good at getting details about our clients’ needs. With our expertise, flexibility, and service mentality. Without a doubt, Our advice is practical and reliable from time to time. Our lawyers keep writing and revising legal documents that bind both parties, to begin with.


Corporate law deals with legal aspects of sale and distribution of goods without delay. It includes the registration, funding, governance, and closure of a company. Corporate law regulates interactions between various parties like directors, creditors, stakeholders. Consumers, communities, investors, and the environment are also some of the other parties.


At present, corporate have got their in-house legal departments. Gone are the days when you used to approach an advocate only when the need arises. In-house corporate lawyers are more preferable these days. More money gets spent on outside corporate counsel too. Business ethics and compliance are the top regulatory requirements. Complexities of business can be better managed with a corporate lawyer at your side.

Growth of In-house counsel: Large companies are having enormous pressure to prove their business value. They need to reduce legal costs. Many companies have more lawyers on their payroll in their legal department.

Matured operations: With companies maintaining their business value there is diversification of corporate lawyers’work. The Board of directors seeks advice from corporate lawyers for all important business decisions. As said earlier corporate lawyers are necessary from business incorporation to closure.

No more as a cost center: Legal counsel is no more considered as a cost center. Corporate legal counsel has become indispensable. Business houses want to prove their value too.

Structured legal work: Legal departments have got matured internal processes. The process of legal work is being structured to deliver more value to the company. Moreover, The business houses can get valuable foresight and predictions on legal matters too.

The rise in regulatory scrutiny: Business houses are conducting more transactions across the borders. Companies, at present are more under tax and compliance scrutiny by the regulators. By the same token, Close tabs are being kept on business houses for any deviations from the law.



Our services include all aspects of corporate legal and advisory services. Of course, We can help you with Intellectual property rights registration, prosecution, and litigation. In other words, We aid you in due diligence and technology transfer. We understand litigation is unwelcome to anyone.

Expert Litigation team

Our expert litigation team can cut the threats of litigation. Indeed, We can represent you for negotiations and at court too. As a matter of fact, The Advocates here are in the field of corporate legal practice across many industries. Be it a court or conference room, to defend or pursue claims, we can aid you in achieving your business goals.

The following are some of our corporate services
  1. Drafting, negotiation, and enforcement of Business contracts
  2. Advice on joint venture and due diligence
  3. Assist you in acquisitions and mergers and regulatory approvals
  4. General business advice
  5. Advice on employment-related issues
  6. Legal Support in real estate investments like rental, buying, and selling
  7. Guide in the business transaction structure
  8. To ensure your company remains regulatory compliant
  9. Legal support in the right though the post-closure of the company
  10. Advice on other commercials matters
  11. Legal Advice on corporate governance, stock exchange issues, taxation, and corporate guarantee
  12. To instruct about directors’ role and responsibilities
  13. Business set up, legal audits; regulatory approvals, and compliance are our specializations too.

Our Corporate lawyers’ team gives high preference to all corporate clients. Hence, they assure you have all-time access to our most experienced corporate lawyers in a moment.

Choose the best Corporate Law firm 

Firstly, This attorney team always focuses on our legal services based on our client requirements. Most of all, This Best Corporate Law Firm is familiar with the challenges faced by you in your respective sector. Our experience in the varied sectors helps us to give effective and efficient services in reality. In other words, Choose the right Law firm today.

Leading Lawyers

Leading Lawyers here offer honest and cost-effective legal advice. In the same fashion, Our client feed, and comments speak for us. At the same time, Our honesty and transparency with all our clients have made us what we are today.

How to Contact the best Corporate Attorney in Chennai?

Empower Legal | Corporate Law Firm
Contact the best Corporate Attorney in Chennai

Contact Empower Legal: Corporate Law firm | Company Lawyers 24/7 with your Litigation Service needs. Your business is in safe hands above all. The best Corporate attorney in Chennai assures to safeguard your company from legal hurdles. Be ready to enjoy our best legal services in the first place. Most of all, Top Corporate Law Firm assure you that you need not look beyond us for any legal solutions for your needs.

Frequently asked Questions [FAQ] in Corporate Law Firms

What is the role of a Corporate Attorney?

Corporate Attorney offers Legal Advice for businesses to resolve various issues. By the way, Their role is to advise a company on legal rights and obligations, as well as deal with corporate financial problems such as initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, Intellectual property, Franchise, and joint ventures.Foreign exchange Litigation: How to find the Best Legal Support? , Rajendra Corporate Law firm | Company Lawyers 24/7 Attorney Near Me Contact Address

How to engage a Corporate Lawyer for my Company?

You can get a Legal Consultation face to face or over Phone or WhatsApp for a short contract. In the same way, If he satisfies and fulfills your needs, then you can go for a Retainer-ship service on the Annual Legal Service contract.Best Corporate Law Firms for Business Law in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

What are all the Uses of a Corporate Advocate?

A company can save their money due to unknown wrongdoing of their vendors or clients or Tax Authorities. On the off chance, Corporate Advocates can protect you from such burglary, Civil wrongdoing, and certain Corporate crimes.Corporate Attorneys for Intellectual Property Appellate Board

In what way Corporate Law Firm will be useful?

In a good Corporate Law firm, there will be a team of Corporate Legal consultants who practice in various areas such as Taxation, Intellectual property, Contracts, Agreements, Cheque bounce cases, etc. A company can avail the services of all these areas of Litigation or Legal services in a Single Retainer-ship contract.Law firms for COMPANY STRIKE OFF - Empower Legal - Corporate Law Firm

What will be the Corporate Lawyer retainer-ship fees?

The Corporate Lawyer Retainer fees will range from INR.50,000/- to INR.15,00,000/- per month which varies according to the needs, number of Advocates on duty and time workedAppeal Against a Private Limited Company Strike Off in India


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