Corporate Litigation: How to find the Best Legal Support?

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Business is a competitive world in the first place. Businesses face may issue apart from the competition as a matter of fact. Business competition is very vigorous as a matter of fact. Above all, Competitors will be waiting for a chance to draw your company into litigation.

At last, corporates are realizing the importance of advocates/law firms. To prevent litigation and save energy and resources, corporate are hiring corporate lawyers.

Corporate lawyers ensure your company’s legal compliance. He guides and educates your company about various laws that govern your company.

What Is Corporate Litigation?

Lawsuits are also known as litigation. When a business is one of the parties of litigation it becomes Corporate litigation. It is also known as commercial litigation.

Corporate litigation is not only one business suing others. It includes any legal proceeding where a corporation is being involved. It also includes measures taken to avoid litigation and management of business disputes.

Corporate faces legal issues during the following

  • Acquiring Wage Agreement, Work Hours & Anti Discrimination Laws
  • Protection From Illegal Termination Suits
  • Fresh Accounting & Corporate Governance Laws Compliance
  • Challenging And Negotiating Claims
  • Corporate Tax Agreement Maintenance
  • Labor Disagreements Resolution With Workers, Employees, and Professionals
  • Contract Breach Issues,- Representation And Litigation
  • Tort Issues – Consumer Damage Due To Company’s Product Or Service.
  • Corporate Land Disputes, Disputes With Landlords Or Regulators

Corporate Litigation Services 

First of all, Corporate litigation has a profound effect on one’s company’s reputation. It also affects profitability & growth in the same fashion. A right Corporate advisor eases through litigation without much effort. He assesses risk, develops strategies, and resolves disputes in an efficient way.

Our litigation team has vast experience in handling Corporate litigation. This Law Firm is the top choice of many companies to handle corporate Litigation.

Top NCLT & NCLAT Attorneys

Corporate Law firm: Empower Legal Attorneys will offer the best legal service clients before all the honorable courts, NCLT & NCLAT. Top Attorneys here handle cases involving hostile take-over, director indemnification, etc.

Shareholders rights and Hostile take over

Advocates in this Law Firm are good in handling cases of the shareholders’ rights plans. In fact, they also handle hostile take over. We have represented both acquirer and target. Most of all, Top Advocates here handle issues such as special committee conflicts, break fees, etc.

Shareholders litigation

Companies rely on our valued advice about remedies to shareholders. They also rely on us for shareholder dispute litigation. Of course, Senior Attorneys represent both Corporate and shareholders as plaintiff and defendant. Most of all, these Lawyers handle shareholder oppression claims & derivative actions.

Corporate restructuring, arrangement plans, and control change transactions

Our clients range across various industries. They seek our advice on innovative business arrangements. We offer advice on corporate restructuring, arrangement plans, and control change transactions. Our advocates act for corporate in court and represent them in business arrangements.

Share Valuation

We provide on-time and accurate advice on share valuation matters. To point out, We assist our client to achieve their transaction goal. In other words, these Attorneys work alongside with regulatory and tax specialists.

In litigation of extensive documentation, we use skilled paralegals and other specialists. Our Advocates ensure your litigation matters solve in the best manner in contrast.

Fraud business practices

The following practices come under Corporate litigation

  • A business may adopt fraud means. It may be dishonest in product or service description.
  • There may be a misuse of the company’s intellectual property. Trade secret revelation also comes under company litigation.
  • When business information flows to competitors, it demeans a firm. It is also company litigation.
  • Breach of trust from insiders of the company also comes under company litigation.

Disputes between the company and its employees

  • Litigation due to worker’s poor health, overtime or discrimination
  • An employee quits and joins a competitor. He is disrupting the competition clause of his employment agreement.
  • Fraudulent practices are taken up during the sale of stocks and securities.

Contract breach

When one of the parties fails to keep their part of the contract it leads to contract breach uniquely. There can be a contract breach by a third party with this in mind. It is a tortuous interference at the same time.

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Other Corporate Litigation Service areas

  • Company Law and other related issues
  • Issues of Constitution / winding up / Appointment / Removal of board members etc
  • Service issues
  • Transport issues
  • Contempt of Court issues
  • Redemption mortgage issues
  • Inquiry commission issues
  • Indian Partnership Act issues
  • Indian Contract Act and Sales of Goods issues
  • Tender Disputes
  • IP Rights – Trade Mark / Copyright / Patent infringement
  • Banking & other financial issues
  • Issues of Penalties.
  • Rent Control disputes
  • Mines, Minerals and Mining Lease issues
  • Arbitration & Conciliation Act disputes
  • Income, Wealth, Gift Tax issues
  • Estate Duty, Customs, Sale Tax, and Central Excise Tax issues
  • Industrial disputes act issues
  • Land Acquisition & Requisition issues
  • Filing of appeals and reviews with court and tribunals
  • Land Revenue and Tenancy disputes
  • Forest, Wildlife & Environment issues
  • Suits under CPC -Civil Procedure Code
  • Criminal Cases that include the Negotiable Instruments Act

Contact Top Corporate Litigation

National Company Law Tribunal is the authority to handle corporate litigation. Company Law Board stands dissolved since 2016. NCLT is now a single forum to settle corporate disputes.

NCLT is successful in the speedy trial and reduced delays. By the same token, Our lawyers have good skills in offering legal support for your firm at NCLT as well as NCLAT.

Corporate litigation includes any legal process that relates to business or company. It also includes steps taken to avoid litigation. Our advocates are more than eager to handle company litigation of your enterprise in the same way. Contact us today and make an appointment by all means.


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